A Message from Our Executive Director

As we approach the end to a very challenging year, I believe it’s extremely important for you all to know what an amazing team and family we have here at PWM.

You’ve heard the stories of Kai Ra who came here from Burma over 10 years ago and has worked for us for four years, who just became a citizen and was able to vote for the first time ever. You’ve also heard the story about Walid who came here as a refugee after working for the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq and is now the director of our community navigation program, helping families navigate the very difficult times that we are living in. These are just two individuals that make up the Project Worthmore family who work tirelessly to serve the refugee community and provide them with the things that they need to have better lives.

In March the whole world came to a halt. We went from doing our jobs on a day to day basis, going in and out of the office, to being forced to figure out how to continue to help our clients and keep everyone safe. The one thing that we did at Project Worthmore, and the one thing that we will always do, is continue to move forward. We will always continue to serve those who need it.

It was not a time to sit idle — it was a time to pivot and continue moving forward providing the services that needed to be provided to our community. Our team never skipped a beat, we quickly worked together and made sure that our community was able to receive the food that they rely on, we made sure that our patients were still able to have access to dental care if an emergency required us to go in, our farm continued to produce food, our navigators continued to check in with clients, English classes turned into virtual classes.

In June when we were able to safely resume services in our offices we opened our doors. Our clinic has resumed services following strict Covid guidelines and protocol. We’re still delivering fresh food to our clients. Our farm had the best year ever — doubling its production from the previous year. Our team is committed and will continue to work tirelessly to serve those in need. And no one lost their job.

All of this has been possible because of the support of the broader community. We at Project Worthmore are eternally grateful for all of the support that you all have given us over the last 10 years.

Please consider a gift to Project Worthmore this holiday season, knowing that when you support us, you not only support our staff but you support the 5,000 clients that we have been serving over the last 10 years.

So from all of us at PWM, we wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.>


Frank Anello, Executive Director

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