When you give, you invest directly in the well-being and support of your refugee neighbors.

  • $25 Provides a family one month of access to our fresh food share program
  • $50 Provides a student access to English and citizenship classes for a month
  • $200 Provides a year of navigation support for a family
  • $750 Provides a refugee family with 6 months of produce grown at DeLaney Community Farm
  • $1,000 Provides a year of comprehensive services and support for a refugee family
  • $1,500 Provides a single mother a bus pass for one year
  • $5,000 Provides our clients with emergency rent assistance when needed


By choosing the monthly amount you feel comfortable with, you help ensure continued support for the refugee community.


Or make a one- time donation below!

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Meet the People You're Supporting

Your support directly affects the work of Project Worthmore, helping us provide essential services to those who need it most.


Celestine is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has been attending the English Language Program for over a year and a half and participates in our food share program.

Chance and Lomami

Chance and Lomami are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lomami has been taking English classes with Project Worthmore for a year, and his wife, Chance, works with us as a refugee farmer on DeLaney Community Farm.


Rumia comes to us from Ethiopia and has been living in Colorado for the past three years. She loves coming to English class when she is not at her job at University Hospital.

Mail a check or money order to:

Project Worthmore
1666 Elmira Street
Aurora CO, 80010 USA

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